Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s threat landscape, it’s important to have cyber insurance coverage that provides financial and breach response assistance in the event of a security incident. Our comprehensive cyber insurance policies, cover social engineering, ransomware, fines and penalties such as HIPAA or GDPR, PR damage control, legal expenses, and more. Available for client organizations with an active client BPP subscription.

Affordable Monthly Pricing

Underwritten by an A+ rated Insurance Company

To estimate the cost of a breach to your organization, click here.

Cyber Coverage Comparison by Limit

We offer a 24/7 Breach Hotline

All of our cyber insurance policies include a Breach Hotline available to you in the event that you experience a possible security incident. You can find more information on the vetted vendors and breach response services inside the sample cyber insurance policies here: $250k Sample Policy$500k Sample Policy, and $1M Sample Policy

Need to report an incident? Contact:

RGS Breach Hotline

Phone: (844) 591 – 5997

Service Provider: Mullen Coughlin LLC

Notifications Email:

This hotline is available 7 days a week, including holidays to meet you and your emergency needs.

The RGS Breach Hotline should ONLY be used to report a claim. For any policy questions or non-claim questions, please contact:

NADS RPG Customer Support

Phone: (888) 545 – 7133

Fax: (248) 688 – 9362