About Us


The Cyber Armor Network (CAN) provides a proactive Breach Prevention Platform (BPP) for all staff who are on their computer to do their job., We automate a company wide series of programs to safeguard your data.

We also offer Breach Insurance, for small to mid-size organizations, through an A+ rated carrier, in a specialized risk group, with discounts applied.

This is a new layer of IT Security, addressing the “people” factor. Studies show that constant monitoring, evaluations and training can not only improve your employees skills, but reduce your risks and liability at the same time. Therein lies our mission.

We work with your IT vendor and all systems currently in place. In that way we are product and system agnostic.  At the Cyber Armor Network, we keep your staff trained, your network and data safe and your RISKS reduced against potentially significant financial losses.

Computer companies come and go, but CAN backs its service with over 50 years of experience in our leadership team. We have been providing technology and healthcare solutions under our another company, Medical Records Services, LLC (medrecserv.com) for the past decade. Our clients span across 32 states. In that time, we have built a reputation for responsiveness to the needs of a changing market, reliability in our service when you need us, detailed risk assessments and finding the “Best of Breed” emerging tools and partners to work with.

As the market has grown and changed, we saw the need for the tools that we use for our medical clients now applied across all electronic based businesses. The weakest link has always been the employees lack of training and knowledge.This is an easy fix for us.

We started the Cyber Armor Network in 2020, to use what we already know about cyber attacks, employee training and analytics reporting, to all businesses with employees on the computer, and the Web.


We operate on a managed services model that offers proactive outsourced services at affordable, consistent monthly rates. Our subscription model allows small business owners to effectively budget and foresee these expenses, saving them money and time in the long run. We provide a variety of different technology solutions, tools and services – tailored to suit your unique businesses needs.


A comprehensive Security Risk Assessment (SRA) to identify the vulnerabilities and areas of risk to your organization. This includes detailed reports and a Work Plan to help you fix the identified vulnerabilities. With this comes a library of templates to fill in any gaps in documentation that you may have.

Annually updated – Cyber Security Training for your entire staff including testing and a certificate of completion

Online analytics dashboard access to all company wide services, risk assessments, training reports, security policies and templates, broken down by employee.

Employee micro training weekly – with short videos and quizzes to ensure their understanding and compliance

Security Policies customized for your organization following Best Practice recommendations from NIST

Simulated email phish testing of your employees

Real time employee rating system that allows you to identify your highest risk employees

Dark Web Scanning – Domain wide and on each individual to identify breached user names and passwords and personal information.

Cyber Insurance that pays Ransomware and Business Interruption (Optional )

HIPAA Compliance for our Medical clients and Business Associates,


Our staff of experienced Technical, Medical and Legal experts is what really makes a difference for our clients. With CAN, the primary focus is always customer satisfaction – we are committed to not only delivering best in class service but also communicating with our clients so they understand their technology and how to best benefit from it.  Our personal relationships with our clients help us understand their businesses so we can provide solutions that set them apart from the competition and help them be successful and efficient. As a result, many of our new clients come from professional referrals.

At the Cyber Armor Network, we take what we do personally. Based in Northeast Ohio, we have simple values, and our word is our bond. Should you choose to engage us for service, we will do everything in our power to ensure your financial success, compliance and risk reduction. You have my word on it.

Mark Anthony Norris, CEO


The Cyber Armor Network is dedicated and proud to give back to our community. Throughout the year we donate time and services to local and national organizations that enrich our community and help to foster resilience across The Youngstown, Ohio area. Last year we organized and led the Remote Area Medical Youngstown Clinic, where we served 723 patients for Medical, Dental and Vision care in a mobile clinic over 36 hours. Mark serves as a voluntary IT Director to the Midlothian Free Health Clinic as well. This Spring we donated $3,500.00 to our local food bank, Second Harvest in an effort to support their work in the COVID-19 pandemic.